Southeastern Europe is still a hidden and undiscovered treasure for many travellers worldwide. This might make females decided to travel solo feel somehow insecure to go there. If you are thinking where to do your next solo trip, here you can take all your doubts and constraints away. Have a look at what this magnificent region has to offer you. Whether you think of Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia, the beauty of all these destinations will leave you speechless.


Photo of AlbaniaCapital: Tirana, Currency: Albanian lek, Population: 2.876 million
The central streets of Tirana are full of people in the late evening, especially in areas such as Skanderbeg’s Square, Pyramid and the Taiwan district, so female solo travellers can feel safe there. Moreover, the main streets, boulevards and parks have plenty of street lamps and the centre is well-lit. Crime and violence do occur in some parts of Albania, but they are not typically targeted at foreigners. Gun ownership is widespread. Take care when visiting hill towns on the northern border with Kosovo, particularly if hiking. Simply follow the signs warning about unexploded landmines. Thing you should not miss is visiting Shkoder, the most historic town in Albania with beautiful sceneries of the Lake Skadar.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina photoCapital: Sarajevo, Currency: Convertible mark, Population: 3.517 million
Central areas in most Bosnian towns are safe at all times of the day. Residential areas, especially at night, may have some free-ranging dogs, so be prepared (do not get scared, most of them are harmless). Unexploded landmines can be found in Bosnia as well, particularly in isolated areas in the mountains and the countryside. If you do not want to take a risk, the three top cities to visit are Sarajevo, Mostar, and Banja Luka.


Photo of BulgariaCapital: Sofia, Currency: Bulgarian lev, Population: 7.128 million
When you travel in Bulgaria, you can notice that big cities are very different from little towns and mountain villages. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the noisy cities, you can find total piece in the cosy bulgarian villages spread all over the country. To make your journey as safe as possible, you should avoid hanging around alone at night. If you go to the beautiful seaside, keep in mind that burglaries in hotel rooms are common. Other than that, once you visit Bulgaria, you will feel amazed by its beautiful nature, exquisite cuisine and warm people.


Photo of CroatiaCapital: Zagreb, Currency: Croatian cuna, Population: 4.171 million
Croatia is a Mediterranean country with old towns, diverse islands and vibrant night scenes. It is one of the safest countries on the Balkans for females travelling solo. If you are a real coffee-lover, Zagreb will be the best place to enjoy it. You will find locals even in winter sitting outside around heated lamps and sipping their coffee. If you love history, Dubrovnik is the place to be. The city is known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, and has a quaint marina.


Greece photoCapital: Athens, Currency: Euro, Population: 10.75 million
With its beautiful weather and rich history, Greece is a relaxing holiday destination for anyone, from nature lovers to foodies. Generally speaking, it is a safe country for female solo travelers. Greeks are friendly, laid-back, and love eating. The economic crisis has contributed to the rise of theft and pickpocketing though, especially in the metro. However, once you get away from the urban settings and head to the beautiful islands and rural areas, you will realize how peaceful actually it is.


Photo of Macedonia Capital: Skopje, Currency: Macedonian denar, Population: 2.081 million
Macedonia is a very cheap destination. Normally, travelling alone is more expensive because you cannot share the price for accommodation, car rental, and other similar things with your fellow traveler. Macedonia is the place you can fully allow yourself everything, even if you pay all by yourself. Do you want to see splendid nature? Then you should go to Matka Canyon, an impressive outdoor destination, surrounded by emerald waters, wooded mountains, secret caves, and solitary monasteries.


Montenegro photoCapital: Podgorica, Currency: Euro, Population: 622,781
Travelling in Montenegro as a female solo traveller can be a nice experience, since the country is safe and tourist-friendly. The charming cities on the Montenegrin coast will take your breath away with their beauty, diversity and fresh Mediterranean air. If you are a party-lover, Budva might be your home for a while. The city is the centre of tourism in Montenegro, thus is a bit crowded. Kotor, another city, will amaze you with its cultural heritage. You should not miss the Long beach which is the most beautiful sandy beach in the country. Tip: Always carry a valid form of ID with you at all times, otherwise you may be fined according to the Montenegrin law.


Photo of RomaniaCapital: Bucharest, Currency: Romanian leu, Population: 19.71 million
You will not encounter any serious safety problems in Romania. The only major harassment you could experience are the beggars in some trains or around the stations. Never give them anything, because if you do, they will harass you even more. Do not talk with them, keep a close eye on your belongings and you will be fine. If we put this aside, Romania offers activities for all kinds of travellers. If you are really into nightlife, then Bucharest is the place to be. In case you seek for a spiritual retreat, then you can visit the monasteries of Maramures and Bucovina. If you are by any chance a fan of Dracula – the vampire character in the gothic horror novel – you should visit Transylvania. This will be a great way to learn more about the real person behind the fictional character: Vlad Dracula. What’s more, you will be impressed by its castles, rich history, stunning mountains and fairy tale cities.


Photo of Serbia Capital: Belgrade, Currency: Serbian dinar, Population: 7.057 million
Serbia is one of the friendliest female solo travel destinations in Southeastern Europe. Locals are usually helpful and friendly. A lot of Serbians are very careful about their interactions with foreigners since they want you to leave a good impression of their country. If you go to Belgrade, a very nice and modern city, it is important that you stay close to the center so that you can minimize walking by yourself alone at night.


Do you want to get a better idea of where all these destinations are located? Take a look at the map below and start planning your Southeastern European journey:

Southeastern Europe map

If you take into account these general tips for safety, your experience in Southeastern Europe will be unforgettable!


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