Travelling the world by yourself is the easiest way to escape from your comfort zone, while learning new things about who you are. However, while on the way, some difficulties and unwanted situations might occur that can ruin your adventure. Here are some safety advice female solo travellers should follow when on the road:

Take a comprehensive medical and travel insurance

This is especially important for Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia since they are not part of the European Union. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) does not cover these countries, however you can use it for those in the EU.

Be aware of your surroundings 

No matter the destination you visit, you should never let your guard down. Pickpockets may be watching you waiting for the most convenient moment to steal something for you. What is more you should always follow the code of conduct. Before you travel to a country, research local customs and dress codes. There may be religious restrictions at certain sites like St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, where you will not be allowed to enter if you have bare shoulders or legs. 

Protect your belongings

For solo travellers travel safety is challenging because you do not  have someone to watch your back. For this reason, our advice is to have a long strap on the backpack you are carrying that can fit across your body. Do not stand in line with a backpack filled with personal information and valuables. Distribute your money, credit cards, travel documents and passport in different bags so that in case if something get stolen, you have a fallback

Find a buddy

When at the destinations, it is sometimes better to explore the surroundings with someone else. We advise you  to sign up for a group day trip to a hard-to-get-to site and get to know other people with similar mindset to yours.

Write down the address of your accommodation

Do not forget to save the address of your accommodation on your phone or mark it on your paper mark. This way you can easily find it without getting lost. Another advice that we would give is to find an accommodation in a popular area.

 Let others know where you are

When you are exploring a destination on your own it is advisable to inform you relatives and friends of what your plans are for today. In case of an unwanted situation, they can immediately react even if miles separate them from you.

Print/store copies of your passport/documents 

Print copies of your passport/documents to carry along with you if something gets lost/stolen. Store an electronic copy on Google Drive or Dropbox to access from any computer. Email a copy to your friends and/or relatives so they will have a copy they can send to you.

Be cautious at night

Dangerous activity is more likely to happen at night when there are fewer crowds out. We advise you to arrive in a city during the daytime. Also, avoid walking around at nighttime, or if you do, have company and opt for public transportation or taxis. Another thing that you should bear in mind, leave all of your valuables in your hotel and only take the amount of cash you need if you go out at night. Finally, trust you instincts, listen to both your head and your heart and… ENJOY YOUR ADVENTURE!


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