Sightseeing can be fun when travelling but are you up for more? How about getting to know the new country by attending some of the festivals this upcoming year 2019 in Europe?  Find the perfect festival for your next solo travel!


Top festivals in Europe 2019 for women travelling alone:


1. Samsara

Location: Hungary
Date: 3-11 Aug 2019


Samsara is a festival that combines music, yoga and art together. This is a place where you will meet people from around the world but also locals. This upcoming year it will be the 5th edition of this festival.  Including 150 yoga workshops and 140 music artists. Hidden deep into a private 40 acres of private forest surrounding the fantasy village of Samsara. Great place to be if you are looking for something relaxing and festive at the same time. So, it is all about the celebration of free spirit, love, peace and unity!


2. Lost village

Location: Lincolnshire, UK
Date: 22- 25 Aug 2019


Lost village festival which takes place at the end of summer in mysterious woodland in the countryside of Lincolshire. People from around the world meet here to ‘get lost’. This festival combines music, relaxation, workshops, comedy and talks. It also offers boutique camping, most likely the fanciest way of camping ever! And be sure you will arrive alone but leave with the best memories and maybe new friends! Don’t forget to bring a reusable water bottle as this festival is environmentally friendly, or get one here.


3. Meadows in the Mountains

Location: Rhodopes Mountains, Bulgaria
Date: 6-9 Jun 2019



A festival literally taking place above the clouds! Combining, nature, traditions and music together. A place is for real adventurers. This festival offers yoga classes, plant-based medicine workshops and more. Including a welcoming of the village’s residents with a choir dressed in traditional attire. Also, you have the possibility to stay over at a villager’s place or camp in the forest. 3 days of enjoying great music, food and company. Best spot to watch the sunset (and sunrise of course!).


What to bring to an outdoor festival?

  • External power bankYou will for sure end up taking pictures or videos, for this you will need an external battery charger. You can get it one here for little money.
  • Waterproof jacketHopefully the weather will be nice during the festival, but it’s pretty unpredictable. Therefore you should bring a rain jacket just in case of sudden summer rain. Choose one of the many colours available here.
  • Camping lanternOnce the sun sets you will need a portable light which you can carry around. You will especially need it when you are heading back to the tent. Get a LED lantern here.


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