Are you considering to travel alone in Europe?  These are some of the best places to visit in Europe as a female solo traveller. These destinations are perfect if you’d like to feel safe while travelling, see as much as possible and eat great food!  Each of these cities has something special on its own. Decide yourself which one suits you the best.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a city filled with wonderful architecture and historic places to visit. Although there is so much to see, it is quite easy to navigate from one place another. Vienna won’t be disappointing when it comes to sightseeing. There you’ll have a high chance of meeting fellow solo travelers if you are looking for some company.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a great destination for those who are travelling on a budget. Accommodation, restaurants and attractions are very affordable (meaning, you can have more cocktails!). Enjoy delicious pastry on your walk through the hills of Lisbon or watch the sunset over the orange rooftops of Alfama. photo of lisabon

Paris, France

We all know the cliché about the “romantic Paris for couples” but let’s be honest, it’s just as great for solo travellers! Filled with iconic places, great restaurants and tons of other tourists, this destination makes it very to easy to find travel companions during your time in Paris! eiffel tower

Valencia, Spain

Are more into relaxed holiday by the sea? This destination might be perfect for you as Valencia is located right by the warm Mediterranean sea. The weather is warm throughout the entire year, so you can come here for a weekend getaway from the cold winter. You won’t only find palmtrees but also great architecture, delicious Spanish food and more. It is the 3rd largest city in Spain and yet by far less touristy than Barcelona and Madrid!

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is the perfect destination if you are travelling solo for the first time. It is safe, small and everything is in super walkable distance. So no need for cabs or getting lost in the subway all by yourself. It is very easy to navigate in the city and see all the sightseeing spots the city has to offer. Go get a beer in any of the many pubs and enjoy live music as most pubs offer it! travel solo Ireland


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