Who is not into food? We all know that even if you have a special diet or dining habits, deep in your mind you sometimes find yourself thinking ‘I cannot resist this juicy beef burger! or ‘Can’t miss trying that whipped cream chocolate cupcake!’. Are you interested to experience the authentic taste of the country you visit? Here we present to you some of the best food tours in Europe organized by professionals in the field. As a female solo traveller, this can be a perfect opportunity to find the food soulmate of your life! What’s more, it is so nice to show your followers on Instagram tempting photos of your last meal, isn’t it?


A Taste of Spain is a boutique travel agency run by enthusiasts who aim to promote the Spanish gastronomy and gourmet food. They organize private culinary tours for foodie travellers and provide them with a personalized service. Among the activities they offer are cooking classes, tapas tours and gourmet tastings. Devour Tours offers food, wine and culture tours in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, San Sebastian, Malaga and Granada. The company supports local family-run businesses and travellers can experience the authentic local specialties.


Besides tasting the gastronomy of Lisabon and learn how to cook local dishes, Taste of Lisboa lets their guests learn about the history, culture, architecture and entertainment activities in the neighbourhoods. If you are a wine lover, Cellar Tours offers nice wine tours where winemakers themselves can be your host. An interesting fact is that Wine Tourism has developed faster in Portugal than in Spain since the Portuguese realized the value of the wine heritage decades ago. You will not only have a simple glass of wine at the end of the winery visit, but you will also taste regional Portuguese cheeses and cured hams. Cellar Tours organizes Food and Wine tours in Spain, Italy and France as well.


What about tasting some handmade pasta and the most delicious Italian gelato? You can take a 3-hour food tour in Rome and watch all the delicacies being made on spot. Eating Europe will show you how to do it the Italian way: embrace that chance! Another authentic way of experiencing Italy is offered by BlueOne that organizes tailor-made trips in which you can even end up preparing your own pasta in a farmhouse.


Where else to try the great classics of French pastry than in Paris? Here we show you the best pastry shops in Paris, the only thing that is up to you is to choose which one to visit. Oh, wait, why not all of them?!

Patisserie Yann Couvreur 137 Avenue Parmentier (metro Goncourt), 23 Bis Rue des Rosiers (metro Saint-Paul), 35 Boulevard Haussmann
La Goutte d’Or Pâtisserie – 183 Rue Marcadet
Christophe Michalak Patisserie – 16 Rue de la Verrerie
L’éclair de génie – 14 Rue Pavée
Ladurée Paris Le Macoron – 14 Rue de Castiglione


Bite Berlin offers a variety of food tours, including for Vegan travellers. It organizes private tours for solo travellers as well as for groups. Moreover, with every ticket sale, the company donates to the food bank in Berlin.


Have you ever been interested in what’s the Nordic kitchen like? Then Copenhagen Food Tours will reveal to you the Danish culinary specialties in 3 to 4 hours. Not only will you try typical local dishes, but you will also wander through the Copenhagen Botanical Gardens and relax in the beautiful green surroundings. During the tour you will pass some of the greatest landmarks in the city. You will be able to try a gourmet version of the most classic street food in Copenhagen: the hotdog. Nordic cuisine focuses mainly on cooking with fresh seasonal products and most of the restaurants are focused on sustainability. Copenhagen has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other Scandinavian city. One example is Noma that has been ranked the best restaurant in the world several times.


Bulgarian cuisine characterises itself by lots of herbs, flavours, fresh vegetables, tender meat and exquisite dairly products. If you want to try the most authentic and delicious yoghurt in the world – Bulgaria is the place to be! This is due to the special bacteria Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, discovered by the prominent Bulgarian physician and microbiologist Stamen Grigorov. Its uniqueness have made countries like Japan and South Korea fall in love with yoghurt’s taste, and now they regularly import bulgarian dairy products. If you want to get a FREE daily food tour in Sofia, Balkan Bites will guide you through the best family-owned restaurants. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the traditional bulgarian cuisine!

If you are really into the food topic, you can also check GlocalCuisine where you can find interesting recipes from different countries in Europe.


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